Club Mondays

Are you a member of Club D&D yet? And if not, why not? Its an exclusive selection of perks and events reserved for our most loyal customers (visit any selection of our restaurants three times to become a member, or 10 to gain Friend of D&D status).

The latest in this array of treats comes in the guise of Club Mondays, the ideal excuse to get break with tradition and leave your sofa behind, in favour of exclusive events, winemaker dinners and summer terraces.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more low key, then join your fellow Club members in taking advantage of your shiny new perk: 20% off your food bill at lunch or dinner, every Monday at every single one of our restaurants.

This is all alongside our new Love Wine list launching Monday 16th of May for ALL customers, not just club members, offering the best bottles at a great price. This dream team provides the ideal excuse to familiarise yourself with some of our newer chefs’ menus. Get a taste of Italy with Francesco Mazzei at Sartoria, check out the catch of the day, cooked by Frederick Forster at Le Pont de la Tour or head west to see what James Durrant is cooking up at Bluebird on the Kings Road.