Did you know…

• In the past 10 years D&D London guests have enjoyed over 3.2 million flutes'-worth of champagne: enough to fill two swimming pools! If the bottles were put side-by-side, they would stretch for 231 KM (for context, the distance from London to Birmingham is 202KM).

• When it comes to wine, our customers have sipped 40,716,770 glasses of wine in total, averaging over 4.7 million glasses per year. That works out as over 4.75 billion grapes’-worth of wine, and if the bottles were put side to side, they could stretch from London to Berlin and back!

• When it comes to food, some things never go out of style, and over the past decade diners have slurped two million oysters and tucked into 1.16 million portions of smoked salmon.