If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple

Appearing on everything from phone covers to bikinis, pineapples are definitely the fruit of the season. Personally we like to eat them too, and our chefs have found some pretty innovative ways to put this juicy ingredient on their menus…

1. 100 Wardour St

This colourful plate can be found on the 100 Wardour St menu, and has been the star photo of many positive reviews about its bottomless weekend brunch. The blueberry-poached pineapple carpaccio is juicy, sweet and not too unhealthy – a good way to counteract all those prosecco refills…

2. Coq d’Argent

Translating to ‘pineapple and passion’, the Coq d’Argent ananas et passion pudding has certainly got our hearts beating faster… Head Chef Damien Rigollet has poached his pineapple in vanilla, serving it with passion fruit espuma (a type of foam, duh) and the creamiest of mango ice creams.

3. Kensington Place

After tucking into a big meal at Kensington Place starring THAT batter and maybe an extra side of THOSE triple cooked chips, you definitely don’t want something too heavy to finish off with. Enter the pineapple carpaccio, caramelised peanuts and lychee sorbet aka the perfect finishing act. You might even want an encore…

4. Bluebird

We’re all for unusual food combinations, and this dish from Bluebird sounds like the ultimate – caramelised pineapple with curry, yogurt, coconut sorbet and lime. Is it a savoury entrée? A canapé? A pudding? We were confused too. But happy to report back: it’s DELICIOUS.

5. Quaglino's

It wouldn't be like Quaglino's to stick with convention, and this pudding fits the bill nicely. Chilled caramelised pineapple cob, fennel and cashew pad Thai salad, coconut sorbet – even sounds like it might be a bit healthy!