Inside the World of Wings

Old Bengal Bar has just introduced the ultimate bar snack, in partnership with the spice supremos: World of Zing! World of Wings is a trio of spiced chicken wings, taking inspiration from global flavours, so we spoke to World of Zing's founder, Pritesh Mody, to find out more...

What is World of Zing?

Our slogan is Pioneers of Flavour Since 1968 and that’s exactly what we do. We basically spend our days experimenting in our production kitchen/mixology lab to give everyday customers access to the latest and most exciting food & drink produce – from the finest spice blends and artisan condiments to craft bottled cocktails. It’s tough, but we put our tastebuds on the line everyday for the greater good!

How did you come to collaborate with Old Bengal Bar?

I’ve was aware of the Old Bengal Bar’s origins as one of London’s oldest spice warehouses, and with World of Zing’s heritage as one of London’s oldest spice merchants, the partnership was a no brainer!

What was the inspiration behind the collaboration?

We wanted to create a fun yet delicious way of taking diners on a journey of flavours, and plump juicy chicken wings provide the perfect vessel for our spice blends.

What is the enduring appeal of chicken wings?

Well, who doesn’t like a chicken wing? Particularly alongside a cold beer or cocktail after a hard day in the office... They’re so versatile too; you can pretty much marinade them in any flavour for the perfect snack!


What can you tell us about the flavours?

Having tried the wings with 10 different spice blends (see, putting our tastebuds on the line again!), we decided on robust Kashmiri Masala, aromatic Indonesian Satay and a Tex-Mex style Sweet & Smoky as the perfect mix of international and appealing flavours for our opening menu!

Do you have a favourite?

I was involved in developing all of these spice blends, so I can say unequivocally that my favourite is… one of each!