The dynamic duo

Have you heard about Les Gamins and Les Trois Bises? They're our very own wines, blended by D&D's sommeliers,with a little help from veteran winemaker Christian Voeux, of Châteauneuf-du-Pape’s Château La Nerthe. Les Trois Bises is a blend of Roussanne (40%), Grenache Blanc (30%) and Viognier (30%), combining to make a fresh, well-balanced wine notable for its notes of pear, candied fruit and pastry. Its name translates as ‘three kisses’ as a nod to this holy trinity of grapes, as well as the local custom of greeting with a triple kiss.

Les Gamins, meanwhile, is a blend of Grenache (60%), Grenache Noir (30%) and Mourvèdre (10%) is notable for its deep purple colour, as well as its ripe black cherry, blackcurrant and raisin flavours, underpinned by delicate tannins and its name translates as ‘the kids’ as a nod to the team’s huge excitement throughout the project.

You can get your hands on them in our restaurants and shops, but if you can't wait then you can order them online RIGHT NOW