The final straw: we’re sucking it up for the sealife

Whether you are getting those last sips out of your cocktail or keeping your lipstick in place, straws are a wonderful invention. Unless you’re a fish. Or an octopus.

Not only do sealife not have much use for straws (they’re not keen on Aperol Spritz) but, as everyone who watched the magical Blue Planet II series knows, they are causing some serious damage to our waters. With that mind we are banning plastic drinking straws from all of our restaurant sites.

We will still be serving and supping up the best of our cocktails - stay tuned for plenty more winter warmers throughout January - but we are cutting the number of straws we use by half and the ones that we’ll be sipping on will all be plastic-free.

Plastic straws are particularly bad sea waste because they are tricky to recycle and easily end up in seas and rivers, where they can be swallowed by sea life and birds. By switching to biodegradable straws we can make a big difference to the fish —and you can have another Spritz or two, guilt free!

Mindful City sculpture at Fiume, Battersea Powerstation.
Mindful City sculpture at Fiume, Battersea Powerstation.

You can see our brand new recycled water bottle sculpture at our Battersea Power Station restaurant, Fiume. Made from waste glass bottles by Creative in partnership with our charity partner, WaterAid, the sculpture marks the start of a straw-free 2018.

It’s all part of our new campaign Mindful City, which is all about health and sustainability.

Find out more about Mindful City.