Urban jungles

This spring we're doing our bit to bring a splash of colour into the captial with our Blossom City celebration, filling our restauraunts and bars with beautiful blooms. If you're after something on a grander scale though, check out our three favourite places to go green London this summer. 


The Chelsea Physic Garden dates looks for all the world like the grounds of a country house. Dating back to the 17th century it was originally used to by the city's apothecaries to grow crucial ingredients for their tinctures and remedies. The NHS has alternative sources though, so now it makes for a very charming curio - this summer its theme is 'Captivating Scents' making the place even more alluring than usual. And while you're in the area you could do a lot worse than strolling along the King's Road to Bluebird's famous courtyard for lunch in the sun. 


It's the big 'un! Kew has got it going ON, literally, the place never stops. This summer there's a whole host of activities, from pop-up cinema nights to a bloody giant aluminium and LED sculpture inspired by bees and surrounded by a wild flower meadow. Instagram filters at the ready... 


This one's a bit speakeasy-esque. Hidden inside the brutalist Barbican building, the Conservatory is only open on specific dates (mostly Sundays) and is stuffed with over 2,000 species of tropical plants. Make a day of it, visit the adjoining galleries and head around the corner to South Place Hotel's Secret Garden bar for a cocktail or two.