Yes, chef!

So, hopefully you know that Bluebird's first floor Restaurant & Bar is undergoing a spectacular refurbishment, and relaunching on Wednesday 21st September. It’s not just the interior getting a going over though, Executive Chef Liam Smith-Laing is new to Bluebird, so we thought it best to find out a little more about his thoughts on Bluebird and its new modern Mediterranean menus

What is your favourite thing about Bluebird?

It’s such a great building with an amazing history. The Donald Campbell story fascinated me as a child, and Bluebird opened as a restaurant the year I started my apprenticeship. It’s a big deal for me personally to be taking over such an icon!

Can you tell us what to expect from the menu?

Light, fresh food with bold flavours. Lots of sharing dishes seemed appropriate, as Bluebird is such a great place to socialise. Overall, it’s a different direction to what has come before.

Can you sum it up in three words?

Delicious, healthy, vibrant

What’s your favourite dish on the new menu?

Whole grilled turbot with artichokes and basil. Cooking it in a charcoal oven gives it a beautiful flavour.